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Oren Zaslavsky

I came across yoga while travelling in India in 2006 and have been practicing it since. Gradually I started integrating yoga into my life, on and off the mat, and it became a life long project of self-transformation. It still is a daily process, a never ending learning experience.

I’ve spent long stretches of time in India studying yoga philosophy and deepening my practice of ‚asana‘, ‚pranayama‘, ‚mudra‘ and meditation, as well as taking long meditation retreats in Buddhist monasteries in North Thailand and several 10 day Vipassana courses in the SN Goenka tradition.

I studied yoga and trained with great teachers such as Richard Freeman, AG Mohan, Leslie Kaminoff, Maty Ezrati, David Swenson, Tim Miller and others.

A while back I discovered that I get much joy and satisfaction sharing my experience and take on yoga, helping others with their journey, and in return helping myself grow as a yoga practitioner.

And so, that’s what I’m doing with my time.

The way I teach is focused on linking breath with movement in an intelligent and mindful way. Each class has a different emphasis, part of it is a flow of movements and postures, and the other part involves holding postures with a self-reflective state of mind.

I try to integrate pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation into the classes as well, as they are more advanced forms of yoga practice.

I follow the essence of the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and try to teach in his spirit, but I do not follow any organized school of yoga.

I try to stay true to the ancient tradition and accumulated wisdom of yoga, and combine it with a modern open-minded rational approach.

I teach in English!

September 2022

Off the mat and into the world – going deeper int the Yoga experience

mit Oren Zaslavsky, 30. September - 3. Oktober

Three days of intensive yoga practice and study in a retreat setting that are meant to create a deeper understanding and context of what it is to live and breathe yoga Anmeldung und Zimmerbuchung  N U R  über den Veranstalter (s.u.) !

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